oh, how could anyone not love the terrible things you do?
and oh, how could anyone not try and help you?

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He pet the small princess' hair a bit since she seemed to enjoy it. He smiled even wider when she said his name, feeling almost as honored as the day she made him ambassador.


"How are you today, your majesty?"

          His smile widened her own——and not in that terrifying, morbid way in which she often did. It was a genuine smile, one full of happiness, something she wasn’t used to lately. It seemed like he had been away for ages, even when he was doing nothing but being in the other room. A girl could get used to someone like Sal following her around——which was why she was trying so very hard not to get used to it, because the moment she did, she felt he might disappear forever.

                    ❝ ‘m…we…ll…h…ow…are…y…ou…? 


Rize is in the middle of gutting a particularly charming college upperclassman when she catches the scent of another ghoul nearby. For a moment, she almost brushes it off as irrational paranoia – she doesn’t like sharing — but then the breeze picks up and she tastes it over the blood and flesh she’s elbow-deep in.

She straightens up and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand, although that only serves to smear the blood on her lips further across her cheek. “I know you’re there.” Her voice is clear, direct, and she turns just so, casting her gaze in the direction she knows the person is hiding. Her rinkaku spills from her back, poised to strike.

A simple precaution. There are a rare number of ghouls that can actually pose a threat to her. Her food can wait for a moment, so she says, “Show yourself.”


          A jolt passes through her body as she realizes the other has seen her and may be out for blood. After all, wasn’t there supposed to be a binge eater somewhere around here? If that’s who this is, she may very well not have any restraint, and Mikotsu could be in a lot of danger. Bony fingers shaking, she walks out from behind the corner, hands trembling, sort-of folded in front of her as she bows just a little——enough to be polite, anyway. She really doesn’t want to fight another ghoul, even if it’s tough to kill her since she’s already so close to death.

          ❝ S…orry…hung…ry… ❞ The pathetic, useless excuse for rinkaku behind her should say that much.


the nod was returned brusquely. feeding meant healing in their species’ case, and if this girl ate soon enough the healing process would begin without a hitch. dylan turned to scamper off but halted mid turn, whipping back around and sending a few unruly wisps of silver fluttering around his hardened features.



with that he was gone, a flash into the forest nearby the compound. dylan was known for the disgustingly massive amounts of flesh he consumed and how messy his kills were, as well as how little standards he had to what he’d eat - this would be no different.

it wasn’t long before he’d returned, dragging along the mutilated corpse of a hiker who wore the face of someone who’d never seen it coming. the late intruder was plopped down in front of her, and the ghoul sat next to it, staring up at her expectantly.

"…eat…but first…tell name…"

          The healing would probably not work as well as Dylan was thinking——her kagune was too far gone to heal after a certain point, and the bones she walked around with would never be covered with skin again. By now the only thing that could save this poor ghoul was a scientific miracle, but it wasn’t like anyone wanted to take on the tiny ghoul for any reason, even if it would be a scientific breakthrough. Not like she was pleasant to be around, either, with the stench of rotting fish and the fact that she was on the edge of starvation virtually all the time. Not even Dr. Kanou would want to take her, no matter what kind of sick and twisted experiments he liked to perform.

          Once Dylan was back with the meat, she felt herself ready to lunge at it and tear savagely into it——although the motions would never happen. She was too close to death to be able to move like she once had, and so she simply walked to the meat and sat herself down in front of it, gazing at it with big round eyes.

          ❝ Mi…kot…su… ❞ she managed to get out, and then bent forward and began to tear the human apart——not quickly, but at a decent enough speed where she was at least eating and showing how starving she had been.



uh… hey. who the hell are you?




[リサ]   “I see….” she nodded. It was surprising that a person really takes her ramblings seriously. Normally people would just laugh at her . Or in Twelve’s case… well, they just laughed together.

          Of course the princess would take Lisa’s ramblings seriously. She herself, after all, was so obsessed with the destruction and anger and madder red that no matter who had asked her, she would have answered the same. She could feel her grin widening——in amusement? In some sick facade of happiness?——and brought one kimono sleeve up to cover her mouth a bit.

                        ❝ B…ad…? ❞




                    A simple nod to acknowledge the response the other had given him
                    certainly would suffice, no? After all, she seemingly had gotten to his
                    island via exploration, not unlike a few others whom had ended up
                    here. For what reasons others would find interest in this island itself,
                    he hadn’t an idea. 

                    It was always either exploration or, by some means, ending up lost.

                    None the matter.

                    ̧”̡W̵e̶ll th̛e҉re̷ i͝s̛n̢’t́ q͝u͘i̡t́e͘ ̷muc̡h ̕h͘e̷re,̴ ̀pe҉r say,͢ its b̧u͞t a̸ ̢śi͟m͏p҉l̴e ́
                     i͝sl̸an͢d̷ w҉h̕ich̕ ̛I̛’͟ve҉ ͡c̷l͢ai͢med́ fo͏r̶ myse̶l͞f̡.̀ ̧Ỳo̧u’re̵ m҉ore̷ t͟h͜an 
                     we҉l͏co͜m͢e̸ to̧ wa͟n͠d̷er arou͏nd҉ no̶neth̛e͡le͏s̶s,͘ ̨its҉ not͟ lik̕e I҉ h͟av̵e̴ ͠
                     ̴a̸n͞y q͟ualm͢s͡ wit̀h̵ ̛įt.”̴

                    After all, he finds the other to be fairly pleasant company up to this
                    point, to say the least.

          She wasn’t really the type to wander around and explore, if only because she often couldn’t get anywhere very fast and usually had to have Sal help her around for the most part. Though the offer was generous, and she would remember his kindness. Not to mention he was one of the first ones who hadn’t been either afraid of her or turned away by the scent of rotting fish permeating the air around her, so she didn’t have many qualms with him either. Not knowing what else to do, she found herself blinking slowly at the other and then making a show of looking around. Would he help her? Would he be her tour guide? She wondered if he was picking up on the gestures——it was tough sometimes, with the nontraditional, delayed way she moved.

                          ❝ …? ❞


{ ☁ } – How could anyone in their right mind think that the Sea of Death was even a remotely pleasant place? Soulless eyes speckled the blood-covered walls.  The dolphin’s once pretty black shoes were now stained red as they stood upon were painted liberally with blood. Her own appearance wasn’t something she cared for though; at least not now. The child was frightened out of her mind.

{ ☁ } – Her olfactory sense was something that was never that strong. Even then, the stench of rotting flesh and aging blood was overwhelming. It was the only thing she could make sense of in this hell. Blood and death with the princess of this dreadful kingdom standing before her eyes.


{ ☁ } – “…A-Ah…”

          She wondered if time would turn this dolphin’s mind. If she could twist and turn the little girl into something she could be proud of——a denizen of the Sea of Death, those black eyes becoming soulless, a wicked smile slashing across her face as she cut through her victims without a care in the world; only the longing to please Princess Mikotsu. Ah, wouldn’t that be wonderful? It was always the loveliest thing to watch the purest snow splashed dark red with blood.

          ❝ A——ah…h… ❞


The shark glanced over at her and smiled, placing his hand on her head. "Ah, hello princess~."


It was always a joy to see her.

          Warmth curled within her stomach at the shark boy’s fingers finding their way into her hair. She couldn’t say Sal was particularly overjoyed to see her, but there was at least some pleasure there——enough that it kept him by her side, which was all she could really ask for. After all, no one had done so her entire life, so having someone that she could turn around and see eagerly following behind her was a comfort.

                      ❝ S…al…Sa…l… ❞


[ ✖ E_ R_ R_ O_ R ✖ ]

      Ah.      True.     Bitch was cold.    Her power source
      was big,    energy level above average,      but heat?
      Nowhere to be found.        The artificial god grunted
      with annoyance,    razors in his mouth gritting when
      she stared at him with a grin.   He rubbed his nose
      again, the cold causing it to feel numb. If he wasn’t
      going to find a source  of warmth soon,     he’d plan
      on setting this entire city on fire.

      But for now, he kept staring at her, lit-up eyes ana-
      lyzing her, and his nose twitching at the smell she
      emitted. Revolting.  He would’ve thrown up, hadn’t
      it been for his empty stomach, beside the one lolli-
      pop.  Lips parted, teeth bearing with disgust as he
      made an attempt to talk.

            You smell like ass.

          Why wouldn’t she? Such a thing like death surely would have consequences. Hers being that she was doomed to forever give off the scent of rotting fish no matter how much she tried to smell otherwise…if she had even cared. It was difficult to care about anything when you were one hundred percent dead, at least besides the thing that you were dead for in the first place.

          She hadn’t seen his kind around before, though——a blue-skinned somewhat-bio-luminescent type thing, something not of her oceans. She surely would have known if this thing had been swimming around in it, even if she’d been sealed away for the past however-long. And his disgust? She was used to it. It was no longer hurtful for another to make an expression of horror or revolt when they looked at her.

          ❝ … ❞

walks in 15 days late holding starbuck’s